Nippon Paint - Auto Refinishes


                    1. PAINT FINISHING SOLUTIONS

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Nax Eco G3 Advanced Liquid

It is a one step compound that provides a fast cutting action and a high gloss finish.

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nax Eco One Step Universal Compound

It is a one step rubbing compound which has been developed for use by hand or machine.

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nax Eco Marine Paste

Profile Marine Paste is a rubbing compound which can be easily used by hand.

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nax Eco Wax Top

nax Eco Wax Top is a finishing polish that provides superior gloss and durable finish on all types of fully cured paintwork.

                     2. MASKING/PROTECTION

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nax Eco Masking Tape

It is semi-crepe paper tape coated with a specialized nontransferable adhesive and is recommended for all general purpose masking application.

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nax Eco Body Guard

It is an anti-rust coating which protects the metal against corrosion & stone chipping.

                     3. PAINT STRIPPING

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nax Eco Waterproof Sheets

The water proof sheets provide solutions for fast and effective removal of unevenness in paint film prior to compounding / rubbing process.

                     4. ANCILLARIES

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nax Eco Light Weight Bodyfiller

It is an easy to sand and high productive bodyfiller used to fill dent >3 mm. It is soft to cut & provides excellent filling and adhesion on metal and composite etc.

                     5. RYO PYLAC SPRAY PAINT

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Ryo Pylac Spray Paint

                     6. Spray Gun

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Spray Gun